Saturday 4 April 2015

In two minds

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Easter week is upon us. The children are off school so any thoughts of finding quite time to write goes out the window. In fact finding any time to yourself just disappears like the white blooms of the cherry tree after a gust of wind. But on Thursday I did just manage to find a couple of hours to myself at lunch time.  The children were at their grand-parents and I had the house to myself.

Now sometimes when you suddenly find yourself on you own all the things you planed to do at such a time seem to vanish from your mind. You could do this or do that and your head starts to spin until it's empty. This is what happened to me. I should have sat down at the dinning table with my laptop, and started writing the next chapter of Daniel Jones Revenge the third book in my series. But I didn't!

I decided to be decadent and to take a lunch time nap, a siesta, sleep or what ever word you may call it in your own country.  We lead such double quick lives now, always on the go, and we can forget about the real luxuries of life. Taking a midday break from this world as we close our eyes and let ones mind drift off to another plain is one of them.

I put the cat outside because the last thing I wanted, while I laid down, was for the cat to think it was time to get some fuss. For her to jump up onto my chest purring as she paddy-paws my belly while I gently stroke her head. I turned the phones off so that I wouldn't be disturbed by some stupid call from India asking if I knew I could make a claim on a car accident I never had two years ago. Everything was in place. There wasn't even anyone outside mowing the lawn or hammering away at some D.I.Y project in their shed. I even put out a note on the front door just in case there were any deliveries; asking them to leave any packages at the house next door. 

I closed the bedroom door and laid my head on my pillow. Even the temperature was just right, cloudy outside so not too hot, but warm enough to be comfortable. I could feel my muscles relax. I cleared my mind. I felt sleepy and could feel myself drifting off. Where too I did not know or care about. I then sensed the sun must have made an appearance because I could feel the extra warmth on my face and the darkness of my sleep suddenly became bright.

And then it happened!

It popped into my head. It was as if someone had instantly down loaded into my mind a whole new story, like plugging a memory stick into a computer. It wasn't anything to do with Daniel Jones Revenge, but something totally different. The whole damn thing from the first scene in the first chapter to the very last scene in the final chapter; even the lead characters name and the title. It's nothing like the Daniel Jones series but a work of fiction based in the present and in the genre of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. My head started to buzz as my thoughts jumped from one chapter to the next, and for 30 minutes my mind was on a high that dispelled any hope of sleep. Eventually I couldn't take anymore and had to get up, and make myself a cup of tea. 

Since then you would think it would be as easy as just sitting down and getting the story out of my head, but as I say there is always a but, it hasn't. The last two days have left me in turmoil. You see, it takes at least two years of very hard work, and personal commitment, from when you very first start writing to actually getting it into print. So this is the dilemma I have faced. Do I put the Daniel Jones series of books on hold for at least four years as I concentrate on this new story, and thus risk loosing my fan base as they drift off to other author's? Or do I concentrate on getting the next book out after Daniel Jones Doom and take the risk of never getting the new story published?

So I have been in two minds ever since. One minute taking the pragmatic view and deciding to concentrate on Daniel Jones Revenge, and then the next my heart jumps with the thrill of writing something totally different. So when in doubt do nought and as it's Easter nought is what I'm going to do. On Saturday I'm going to my local at The Fat Cat and Canary and take the advice of Doctor beer. The prescription is always enjoyable although the after effects always aren't.

Of course I could write two books simultaneously?




  1. Write two books simultaneously!!!
    I'm Intrigued what this other book could be about :-)

  2. The Illuminati. For generations people having been writing if secret societies exist, or trying to prove they do. No one has ever explained why they exist. My story could be so believable it will have 90% of the worlds population looking at their best friends, and asking. 'Are they one of them?'