Sunday 12 April 2015


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It's been a funny old week. Easter Sunday was a traditional affair with the family visiting the local parish church for the service followed by an Easter Egg hunt for the children afterwards. Then we headed over to the Mother-in-laws for a traditional British roast lamb lunch finished off with evening tea and hot cross buns. 

With the children still on their school holidays it's been a frantic week of events which came to ahead on Friday. In the morning after a visit to the gym I headed into the city. I was asked to appear in a promotional video that was being filmed. A clever chap I know call Paul Rudd has invented a new board game called Di-monds. He has produced the prototype and an app and now is in the process of raising funds via crowd funding to get it into production.

The filming was a laugh. It tells the story of how Paul came up with the idea while out walking his Rabbit. Yes you read it correctly, a very large black rabbit called Geoffrey! When he got home he put his idea into practise by making a rough copy out of a card board box, and any bits or pieces he could find including a mint. While testing the new game with others in his local pub a chap who works at City College Norwich said he would make Paul a proper version of the game. He only wanted a bottle of vodka in return and the above pictures are the finished product.

later on some one else designed an app for the game and now the crowd funding is the next step. Once it starts I will post the link here and on my other media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc and would ask that you support Paul in bringing Di-monds to production.

Geoffrey the rabbit makes an appearance, not the real one but an electronic one. In a way it could be another product in its own right? You never know! In years to come the newest rage to hit the toy shops could be Geoffrey the Rabbit and you could be seeing people walking abut the streets with rabbits in toe.


Mark King


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