Friday 17 April 2015

He or She?

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The sun was out and spring was in the air. I had the urge to get out into the brightness while at the same time I had the urge to write. So I decided to get the garden umbrella out of its winter storage in the garage and to sit at the garden table with my laptop.

There was a chill in the wind so I had a light jacket on, but when the sun appeared you could feel the warmth on your face. If you closed your eyes you could image laying by the water's edge on a hot day enjoying the cool shade of the beach umbrella. Once the laptop was up and running I opened up Daniel Jones Revenge and read the first chapter. Once I was finished I thought about the second chapter, but my mind wasn't focused on the job. I kept thinking about the new story that I have in my head. Should I make a start on it? Bugger it, I did. I opened up a new page on Word, gave it a title and just started to type. The words came out of me like a steam train out of a tunnel and four hours later I had written ten pages.

For the following three or four days I got caught up with the day to day routine of family life so no further writing was completed. Then I decided to keep Thursday clear to carry on with my new story. I still haven't decided at present if to write two books at once; with the sequel to Daniel Jones Doom plus my new mystery adventure, or just concentrate on the one book.

I decided to go for an early morning run at my gym. Forty five minutes of being in my own world with my iPad shuffle to keep me company; while I was pounding away at the revolving rubber floor was just the perfect tonic to clear my mind. But! Yes there is always a, But. As I slowly increased speed and the sweat began to seep from my flesh something flashed into my mind.

When I wrote those ten pages it introduced the main character as a man. Then I thought, 'What if he became a she?' Should the lead person in my story be a women and not a man. Suddenly the whole outline of the story started to change and with all the possible different outcomes. My mind began to buzz. Then I started to wonder if I could write as a women. That might sound silly as I have the two female characters of both Mary and Gwendolyn in both Frenzy a Daniel Jones Story and Daniel Jones Doom. But this was different. Could I see the whole story through the eyes of a women? As a man could I understand life through the female form? The more I thought of it them more I believed he should become a she.

Well I've decided to give it a go. I'm going to rewrite the first ten pages again, but this time the lead character will be female, and then I will compare the two together, and see what happens. Because at the end of the day we are all different as individuals, but at the same time we all share the same basic desires and wants in life.

I think it will be interesting. So watch this space to find out my conclusions.



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