Sunday 26 April 2015

The Election

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For my readers around the world you may not be aware, but in the U.K we are in the process that's leading up to a general election on May the 7th. Parliament has been dissolved so officially there is no one running the country for six weeks!

I think that's a good indication which shows who really controls things in the country because nothing has changed. In fact for a lot people employed by the state like health workers, teachers, the arm services, police etc things will be just that little bit more relaxed, and thus are running more smoothly. A bit like when you boss goes on holiday somewhere far away, and for two weeks of your working life you can enjoy your work. No more silly memos, or silly targets to worry about, or wasting time replying to silly emails, or demands for this information, or for that pointless task to be carried out.

Not much has grabbed me during the election campaign other than two things. The first is the amount of free air time the smaller parties are being given compared to what they used to get when only the Conservative and Labour were considered the natural parties of power. The smaller parties are being treating like equals even though one party has only one elected M.P (Member of Parliament) another has only two M.P's because they defected from the Conservative Party, and two of the political parties only true purpose is to ultimately see the break up, and thus destruction of the United Kingdom. Something which various Spanish Monarchs, Two Napoleons, The Kaiser, one Adolf Hitler and various terror groups from the I.R.A to ISSI have failed to do. If you including the three main political parties in Northern Ireland, with Sinn Fein as well, then only in Britain can you find the situation of having three parties who want to see the end of Great Britain as their ultimate goal. I doubt you can find this anywhere else in the world?

The other thing that has struck me is how scared all the parties are of telling the truth, especially when it comes to money. The country is sinking under one and half trillion pounds of official debt. If you add in the other one and half trillion pounds of hidden debt that was kept off the state books by the previous labour government, then there is no money spend. With all this hidden debt like unfunded state pensions, government guarantees for the banks, railways and all the P.F.I projects that need to be payed for I don't think anyone should be talking about taking on any more debt.

As the government is supposed to be by the people for the people then this means all that debt has to be payed by each tax paying individual. If you divide three trillion by the numbers of working people paying tax then we are all sinking into the shit very quickly, and its just about up to our nostrils.

Every party is promising to spend anything from an extra eight billion to fifteen billion on the National Health Service which is very quickly turning into a self feeding money monster that is out of control. That's fine if we had the money, but when who ever we owe that three trillion too comes calling for us to pay it back, the only thing the N.H.S will be able to offer if you fall ill will be a plaster.

Never mind I will be doing my bit for democracy on the day by not only voting, but also volunteering to carry out the vote counting on the Thursday night. I have to start at 9.30 in the evening and will work all the way through until the sun shines on Friday morning. I'm then in again at 1.30 on Friday afternoon to help count the votes for some of the local elections which will be taking place at the same time as the general election.

We might moan about all our politicians, but if you don't take part in the democratic process in one way or another then you can't moan about the bastards you get in power.




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