Friday 20 March 2015

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After last weeks activity with starting the first chapter to the third book in the Daniel Jones series after the success of both Frenzy a Daniel Jones Story, and its sequel the recently released Daniel Jones Doom, my mind has been shooting off in different directions the story could take. The first chapter in Revenge follows the same style as seen in both Frenzy and Doom. All the chapters in the three books are no more than a page or so long, and all three are very dramatic in their writing. The final similarity is that all three introduce characters into the story line that appear at some stage later in the book. 

The below first chapter is in its raw state. There has been no editing done, no proof reading and it may change from what eventually could be printed in Revenge. It may not even appear at all, but I like it and hopefully you will too. 


The stench of death hung in the air with the rotting remains of human flesh that littered every blood splattered piece of rubble; confirming that humanities last stance of defiance had truly been confined to the history that will now be written by the new victors. Swarms of hungry flies buzzed incessantly in their frenzy to feed. They battled for space with an assortment of creepy crawlies that now feasted on the mass of massacred bodies that lay in tribute to their doom laden last stand.

A lone voice called out in vain; appealing over and over again the same name in a desperate hope of finding a response. Then something caught his attention. There on the floor was a picture. For a fleeting moment it flashed its image before the wind caught it and it tumbled over. A desperate hand reached for it, but a sudden gust snatched the picture away before placing it on the charred remains of a women's body.

Bending forward with a quick sprint Michael grabbed the precious piece of paper from the corpse and turned it over. The sudden realization of its meaning sent him crashing to his knees in dread. There in his hand was the only picture that existed of him and the women he loved. ‘Mary,’ he cried out. ‘Why did you have to die?’

So there it is. The first chapter of the third book in the Daniel Jones Story. Now there is two years of hard work in front of me before it comes to life as a book. During this time you are more than welcome to take a look at life through my eyes by following my weekly postings here on Always-hanging-around.



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