Wednesday 12 September 2012

The first draft

While scanning the internet during October 2011 I came across an article about a competition that is run by the Times newspaper for new and unpublished authors. The closing date was mid-November and I worked flat out to hit the deadline.

Competitions are always the new beginner’s big hope of jumping onto the fast track to success. No matter what the situation, it could be sport, music, art or even buying a lottery ticket which you hope will give you that big leap forward in life.

The worst aspect I found was the hanging around and this is the lead to the title of my blog. The first draft of my story was sent in by the closing date, but the first round entry winners would not be published until the end of January 2012.

Two and a half months of just hanging around to find out if you had, or hadn’t made it. One day you would feel full of hope, and then the next day down in the dumps.

Would this be the big break and so early in my writing life?

I could only wait while trying to keep myself busy, but it did help me reach my first goal and this was to complete my manuscript. Deadlines can be stressful but sometimes they are needed. They can feel like a kick up the back side and nobody likes them do they? Not unless you are into domination sex of course!

How did I do?

The story will unfold with my blog.

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