Monday 28 July 2014

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The manuscript to Daniel Jones Doom the sequel to Frenzy a Daniel Jones story is now finished and has been sent off. As normal there isn't much I can do at the moment, and it feels as if I'm always-hanging-around. As a author you know how you want things to pan out, not just in our stories that we tell, but in what happens to every stage of the publication process.

I've already got the cover in mind. It should be like the cover to Frenzy in the same type and font, but with a silver almost grey back-round in place of the gold cover for Frenzy.

With all this hanging around at least I have something to look forward too. This week the family and I are off on our holidays. We are flying from Norwich airport to Tunisia for a week. I believe in positive thinking so I already know that the weather will be none stop sun shine, the food will be excellent, and I'm going to have a wonderful relaxing time by the pool, or on the beach. During these sort of times I can hang- around doing nothing just relaxing while on holiday, and not give a damn that I'm not using my time in a more constructive way.

Both myself and the wife have decided to leave all electronic devices back in the U.K including our phones so we will be totally off line for a week; although we are taking a camera for family snaps. Yes a whole week without Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google +, Goodreads, my blog and generally surfing the net. While laying in bed the other night thinking about having no access to the world-wide-web, for a fleeting second, I had a panic attack. The thought of not having any type of access to modern media including the television, or radio, can be too hard to bare for most people; then another thought shot across my mind, " I know I take some books to read!" That might seem like a silly thing for an author to say, but like all working people I now spend so much time with computers, and on phones, I have forgotten how little I read an old fashioned paper back book.

I've already selected one book to re-read, and another that was given to me, which has just sat on the self. I have a tradition of buying a book at the airport to read on holiday. It is a fantastic way to kill two hours in the terminal browsing away in the book shop, but I don't think they have one at Norwich Airport as it's a smaller regional airport, and not like one of the big ones that are more like shopping centres than somewhere you catch a plane to another destination.

I will need a third book to read because I know from previous experience that once I get into a good old paper back book I won't be able to put it down, and will soon polish it off in two or three days. I've still got four days to go before I fly away so I might do something else I haven't done for a while, and that is pay a visit to an old fashioned book shop where I can spend a half hour, or two, getting lost in the joy of darting from one book to another.



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