Wednesday 30 July 2014


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This is just a quick post to say that I'm off on my holidays. Yes the family and I are flying from Norwich Airport so there won't be a another posting for ten days.

We've looked up the weather and at present in North Africa it's averaging about 40 degrees. That's hot by British standards, but as we are going all inclusive I shouldn't be short of a beer, or three, if I need them.

Just One final thing before I kiss goodbye to the digital world and that is the picture below. I got a very nice write up in The Lowestoft Journal after my visit to Meadow Primary School concerning my book Frenzy a Daniel Jones Story and the sequel, Daniel Jones Doom. I went back to revisit (first visit mentioned in previous posts) the school on the last day of term to hand out certificates for all the hard work the pupils had done concerning Frenzy. Everyone in the school, including the teachers, were looking forward to the summer break, and now it's feels like it's my own turn. I can't wait to get off and I hope wherever you are heading this years for your summer break you have a wonderful time.


P.s I hope you can read the article below OK?

Pupils getting into a  Frenzy over Author's visit.

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