Saturday 5 July 2014

And then there were none (once again)

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It's Wimbledon fortnight and after the excitement of watching Andy Murry win the championship in 2013, so being the first British player to achieve this feat in over seventy years, we Brits are back to normal. After the first two days the fair ladies of this country were all dispatched by their much more aggressive foreign counterparts, and by the start of the second week Andy Murry was the last British hope. He went out with more of a whimper than a bang, and now there are none (once again).

The English football team were knocked out of the World Cup after failing to show any fighting spirit, and the English cricket team were smashed from one end of Australia to the other in this years ashes tour, it has been a damp squid for sport in this country in 2014.

After the London Olympics and the fantastic Para Olympics it's all been down hill since. If you take into account my football team Norwich City FC were also relegated from the Premier League then it has been a disappointing 2014 for me when it comes to sport.

Never mind as they once sung on Monty Python, "always look on the bright side of life."

My son has received his first ever football trophy, which if I remember correctly from my youth is equal to what I achieved throughout all my sporting life, and he has many more years ahead of him to keep adding to the total.With my daughter now competing in her first athletic events things are looking up.

Sport is a ruthless thing because nobody ever remembers a looser and only the winners take all the glory, and rewards. I think it's because of competitive world sports that modern industrial nations general no longer go to war against each other. All wars are based on nothing more than personal egos. It's the people at the top whose ego needs satisfying, and it's generally everyone else below them that end up paying for it with misery and pain.

You very rarely see a politician at a general sporting event, but as soon as their national team make it to the final of what ever event it may be; there they are sitting in the grand-stand lapping up all the glory even if they have no interest in that particular sport. Come the final of the world cup (and who every reaches that final) you can guarantee their respective leaders will be attending, and I'm quite happy for that to continue, because while they are sitting in the stands in their smart suits in the stifling Brazilian heat, their ego's won't be starting some pointless war.



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