Friday 18 July 2014

Joy or dread

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It's coming up to that point in the year that children love, but parents dread, yes the summer school holidays. The lead up to the holiday can be a busy time with end of year sports days, school shows, concerts and the many other activities and clubs that children attend. From choir, to football and from Brownies to Beavers they all come to a stop for the teachers, and volunteers, who work so hard with your children throughout the school year.

It can be a relief not having to act as a constant unpaid taxi driver for the little ones, but if the long hot summer that you long for turns out to be a damp rainy wash out then it's hard work trying to keep children entertained. 

Of course in my youth during the seventies it was a different matter. Parents didn't need, or bothered, to keep you constantly amused. As long as you had a bike, or a football, and a friend to play with you were expected to keep yourself busy, no matter what the weather conditions. In them days in the U.K there were only three television channels and they weren't 24 hour channels either. They would only start showing in the early afternoon.

I'm starting to sound like my father, talking about the past as if it was a different planet. Time is constantly changing and so do people and attitudes. We have all scared ourselves silly with thoughts that there is some pervert on every street corner waiting to snatch your child the minute you turn your back on them, but like I say there is always a but, history is littered with children disappearing never to be seen again. Of course it happens to adults as well. Thousands every year just vanish and loved ones are left behind to fret, and worry, and dread the day they last saw them. Although in today's age with our total reliance on technology I wonder how any adults can't be traced one way or another. Then again in dictatorships and conflict zones around the world innocent people are made to vanish and the people who did it are in no hurry to own up to it and admit what they have done.

Talking about conflict zones the family and I are off to Tunisia in a couple of weeks for hopefully some relaxation in the sun by the pool. This is where the Arab spring as it became known started before spreading throughout the Muslim world and which is now being played out in Syria. As the saying goes, "only mad dogs and English men go out in the midday sun." It seems only the British are prepared at the moment to venture there as our European friends stay in friendlier places.

Seeing as we British seem to have been at war with one country or another over the last five hundred years maybe we are more used to it? Or maybe we just like a good deal when we see one?




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