Tuesday 7 January 2014

And now it's all over.

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The decorations are down, the children are back at school and now it's all over. Yes for another eleven months at least.

I managed to even make it back to the gym this morning for a 45 minutes work out on the running machine. Well I should say it was more like a brisk walk, but still it was good after two weeks of feasting. I had planned to go over the Christmas period but the pain from my tooth ache was too much for me to take alongside the pain of  sweating in a gym. 

Now it's time to hanker down for the cold, wet winter month's of January and February. By the look of the weather in America with the freezing snow, plus the west of Great Britain which has been battered by storms, and floods, we will all need to batten down the hatches.

Of course we are lucky in the west because we can shut the curtains, turn on the heating, make a nice hot mug of tea, and forget all about the conditions outside. Millions of people aren't so lucky especially for those living in refuge accounts. It can look strange to see snow in the Middle East but its falling there too.

I'm just thankful nothing major seems to happen in my town when it comes to the weather, or geology, and long may it last that way.





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