Friday 17 January 2014


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A printer is not the only piece of technology which has crept into the King household over Christmas. After much nagging by the children, which I have held my ground over the last two years, the dear wife thought it would be a good time to get a joint present for them.

She had found in her own words 'a fantastic deal' on a Wii. Yes one of them electronic game machines. True to her boast she had and it was very hard to say no after all the hard work she had put into finding it.

The other bits of modern machinery to recently arrive are touch screen telephones. Both our old contracts finished in the same month, and after discussing the pros and cons we decided to upgrade to 3G phones. 4G is now being rolled out across the U.K, but at the moment there has been quite a bad press about problems with the system so we decided to take one G step at a time.

The children loved the Wii but it caused more problems than it solved with a new set of arguments while they fought over what games to play, and whose turn it was to play. Because we now have games on our phones we let one of the little rascals play on it while the other was on the Wii. Then they both wanted to play on the phones so the Wii is now sitting in the corner while the good wife and myself have two phones that are constantly flat, and who spend their time being recharged when not used like gaming machines in an amusement arcade.

I must say I did get a fright yesterday when driving home with the news on the radio, and there was a feature about children running up hundreds of pounds in charges on their parents phones by playing games that charge a small fee to buy extra add-ons.

I'm now waiting eagerly for my next bank statement to see if my monthly direct debit for my phone hasn't left me bankrupt.

What is most worrying about the whole thing with the Wii is that we had to ask our nine year daughters advice on how to set it up, and what is even more worrying is that both her and my five year old son know how to use the phone better than both myself and the wife.

If I had thought about it I should have waited until the children got back from school on Monday to see if they could have set up the new printer; they may have done the job in half the time it took me.

Now that is a sobering thought!



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