Friday 31 January 2014

The weekender

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As I started to write this post the dear wife was getting ready to go away for the weekend. She has a group of friends that she has known either since primary school, or high school. There are five of them and although they have all taken their different paths in life; they meet up every year for a long weekender.

One lives just down the road, one just north of London, one in Devon and finally one in New Zealand, although because of the distance she comes back every other year.

The wife has booked half a days holiday so she can finish early, and once I've dropped her off at work at 8am I won't see or hear from her again until she arrives back home late on Sunday. Her local friend is picking up from her office at Lunch time and they will be heading to South Woodford. It's a time for the good wife to recharge her batteries.

I will be looking after the children and I'm quite looking forward to it. I have everything planned. The children and myself enjoy watching the Big Bang Theory so tonight they can stay up a bit a later than normal, and we can watch as many episodes of it as we like instead of having to sit through those terrible soaps my wife likes to watch. Because we only have the one television in the house we all have to put up with watching each others programmes.

On Saturday I'm taking my daughter to her athletics training while my mother-in-law takes her grandson to his football training. In the evening we will experience the rare treat of sitting in front of the television watching Doctor Who while enjoying pizza and ice cream. As the saying goes, 'why the cat is away the mice will play.'

On Sunday I will watch my daughter sing in the church choir, then after the service we will nip next door to the cafĂ©-on-the-green for tea and cake, before feeding the many different birds that live by the river. After this we are meeting the mother-in-law for a pub lunch. Afterwards we are all going on a long walk with Pippin the puppy through the local woods and country side.

By the time my good lady returns the children will be in their Jim-Jams and looking forward to bed.

But that's not the best bit of the weekend because on Saturday afternoon I'm taking the children to the Kett's Tavern to watch the Cardiff v Norwich football game on their very, very big screen.

It reminds of my own youth as a young child when my dad returned back to the U.K from working abroad. He would take me up to the local pub on a Sunday lunch time. Of course in them days children weren't allowed in the bar and had to stay in the beer garden. It wasn't a garden at all but a concrete yard were the empty barrels were stored with a couple of plastic chairs to sit on. But I was happy because I had a can of Coke, a packet of Walkers crisps and my football which I would kick against the wall. Sometimes there would be other children and we could have a kick-about together.

Occasionally the door would open as the smoke bellowed out and the smell of tobacco would waft under your nostrils. An adult would pop out to check everyone was ok, or needed a top up, and then they would disappear inside again. This was the 70's after all, and now we live in the 21st century were I will be standing in the bar looking out of the window at the adult smokers shivering outside, while the children now have the run of the bar.

Progress or madness?

That's up to the individual to thing about. All I hope is that Norwich win ( and our arch-rival's Ipswich Town F.C loose) and then all in all the whole family will have enjoyed the perfect weekender.



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