Friday 10 January 2014

Pissed off

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Maybe it's just the New Year blues that we are supposed to feel after all the celebrating after Christmas? Maybe its because of my tooth. After three visits in six weeks I thought the problem had been sorted, and without the need to have it pulled out as the last dentist I saw wanted to do, but yesterday while enjoying a cup of tea while chomping on a biscuit half my temporary filling came out. Within the hour my tooth became sensitive and I fear I am back to were I started six weeks ago. Ten days pain free in which I could once again chew food without fear disappeared in just a few seconds.

What do I do now?

Do I go back to the dentist for a fourth time, admit defeat and let them pull out my tooth which I have been carefully looking after for the last forty five years?

Or do I try and fix it myself? I could purchase from the chemist a filling repair kit and try to refill it!

The saga has been going on and on and you are probably as fed up with it all as I am? But then again you probably have been through a similar situation at some point in your life. Basically if the dentists' did their job properly in the first place I shouldn't have gone through six weeks of which at times has been terrible pain. But that's the thing about the NHS in Britain because it basically free at point of use it's very hard to complain about your standard if treatment. Of course if I had had to pay hundreds, or maybe even thousands of pounds, then it would have been a different matter. I would have expected the job to be done correctly the first time around and would have acted differently if it hadn't.

Never mind life goes on and there are millions of people around the world who are going through a lot more pain than myself at this present moment so I should be grateful it's not a lot worse. And if any of you are suffering from pain at the moment I wish you a speedy recovery.



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  1. I sympathize with you, Mark. The dental system in the UK isn't perfect and therefore we feel badly done by. I visited my dentist yesterday. My teeth are in good condition after caring for them for 70 odd years. But people overseas don't have the benefit of even the poor treatment we enjoy. I blogged about teeth last week. Prehistoric man had decayed teeth. They would have suffered horribly before their nerve gave out. I, like you, am thankful to be alive today. My blog: