Tuesday 14 January 2014

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I had planned to spend the day writing my manuscript to Daniel Jones Doom the sequel to Frenzy a Daniel Jones story, but like I say there is always a but. I didn't write a single word.

For the last four months we have not had the use of a printer at home so when there were any documents we needed to print I would have to load it on a memory stick, and then head to the local copy shop to get it printed off there. It was a nuisance and with a cost to go with it. So in the run up to Christmas the wife and myself let it be known the King household would like a printer from Father Christmas; nothing too fancy and one duly arrived on the big day.

It has been in the box ever since until Sunday when the dear wife attempted to set it up. After an hour she called for my help because the cartridge kept getting stuck, and that was the first step that needed to be taken before she could go any further. As I was cooking the Sunday roast lunch, and had enjoyed a few glasses of cider I really didn't have the time, or was in the right frame of mind to do much other than take a quick look when she called out.

On Monday morning she was on the phone to the supplier stating it was faulty and making arrangements to have it replaced. I volunteered to take a look at it before she went out to her appointment for her eye-brow wax, and after a minute or two I had solved the cartridge problem. Then I spent the afternoon setting it up on both our laptops which I must admit did take a couple of hours for each machine. By 5pm I had the printer working on both and the wife was over the moon.

In fact she was so delighted she phoned her mother to exclaim 'we have managed to set it up.' I thought it ironic when she said 'we had done it' and not that I had done it single handed with her sole contribution being a cup of tea she brought me. But never mind we now have a printer at long last.

We are supposed to live in the new future of paperless communication but this is one of those myths we have come to believe which isn't true; alongside the other lie which is technology is reliable when it fact it never lasts more than two years at best before it breaks down.

All of you now reading this no matter where you live around the world will have some electronic gadget that is either stuffed in some draw, or packed away in the garage, or loft and is no longer of any use. But the fact is most of us are now hooked on some type of gadget and it would be hard for most people to go back to living a life without it.



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