Tuesday 11 March 2014

12 Years a slave

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My first weekend of lent and I was determined to stick to giving up the booze. By Saturday morning my son had made a good enough recovery to be able to stay at his grand-parents, and my daughter was already enjoying her weekend away at camp. So with it being a Saturday and with Norwich playing at Carrow Road it would be a good test of my resolve, because if there is three things that go hand in glove, then football, booze and being with your friends at the same time fits the bill.

With this in mind I decided I needed something else that could take away the temptation; especially as I know my friends would be buying rounds, and I would be included in them. It's very hard to say no when temptation is placed within your hand.

So I asked the wife if she would like to meet me after the game. She could drive in and have a couple of drinks, and then because I would have to drive home I would need to stay sober. When she mentioned she also had two free cinema tickets the deal had been done. She drove in at six after having the whole afternoon child, and husband free, and parked at her office which is conveniently located next to the Steam Packet public house were I normally stop off after the game for a drink. The wife was necking half pints of larger, while I stuck to the diet cokes, and we enjoyed over an hour together talking to my friends. Just after seven in the evening we headed into the city centre for a light-bite to eat; then we arrived at the Cinema at eight to catch the next showing of the Oscar winning movie, 12 years a slave.

We went in with a big bucket of pop corn and sat down to watch the trailers. Now to be truthful it's very rare for my wife to go to the movies in the evening without her falling asleep at some point, especially if she had been consuming alcohol. Next to me sat two other women who had obviously been out drinking before the show because they sat there talking, and laughing, so loudly you could hear their whole life story throughout the auditorium.

I thought I was in for one of those occasion's when I would not be able to enjoy the film because my wife would be snoring down one ear; while these other two women would be annoying me down the other. But like I say there is always a but, I was in for a nice surprise! The story that unfolded in front of everyone was so compelling it had the who audience gripped from the beginning right to the very end; even the wife stayed awake, and I never heard a peep from those other women.

All I can say about it is that it deserved to win an Oscar, and it's a film that should be shown in every high school in the world. It made you think about what a terrible life people had, and are still having in today's world. In a way it wasn't depressing; although at moments it was sickening. Both the wife and I were thinking, and taking about it, the next day which goes to show the power of its story.

It had a positive outcome, and that's what I would most like to think about because it's being positive that allows Love to flourish, and from this all good things like forgiveness, freedom, friendship, caring, and sharing can flourish. To be negative is the opposite of Love, and its most power incarnation is Hate, and from this flows, anger, jealousy, resentment, destruction and ultimately death.

It is a credit to the decedents of the slaves and to America in general that they are generally a positive nation, because I wouldn't have liked to live in a world if it was the opposite.



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