Tuesday 25 March 2014

Happy Birthday

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Birthdays come but once year, but if you have a family they seem to come every month, and this is the case for me. Last month it was my mother’s big day, and this month it was my daughter’s. Next month it’s my son’s soon to be followed by my father’s and then the wife’s. It seems a never ending stream, and long gone are the days, especially for the children; when a bucket full of water with bobbing apples would do for entertainment, or sweets rapped in various layers of old newspapers for a game of pass the parcel. The simple pleasures of cheese sandwiches, and crisps, followed by jelly and Ice cream no longer full fill the stomachs of the modern expectant child. And then there are the party bags! I don’t know when theses first appeared, but in the seventies you would be sent home after a party with nothing more than a slice of home baked birthday cake rapped in a paper napkin.
The party bag has become an after party gift that can end up more expensive to produce than the present that was given in the first place. Children wait excitedly for the big moment when they can delve into the treasures hidden within the smart looking bag; cakes, various assortment of sweets, fancy items of stationery, little toys etc. etc.

So it was on Sunday morning that two cars dutifully chauffeured my daughter, and her friends, from door to door to the Vue Cinema in Castle Meadow to see the film Mr Peabody and Sherman. Plenty of popcorn, sweets and drinks were purchased, and a jolly good time they all had. Afterwards there was a visit for a birthday meal at McDonalds in the city centre with all the trimmings, and then eventually all the little darlings were dropped off at their respective addresses with their party bags.

The adults were worn out, but at least we have another four weeks before it all starts again!



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