Tuesday 18 March 2014

The Hallway

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Decorating your home is like getting married.

The first home you buy; the very first one you can call your own, you want to lavish as much time, and money, on it as you can afford to make it the house of your dreams; just like your wedding day.

By the time you get around to your fourth house it's like getting married for the fourth time. All you want to do is to get it over with as quickly, and cheaply, as possible. You just want to go to the local registry office, find a couple of strangers to act as witness, and then fifteen minutes later it's all done, and dusted. I've only been married the once, but by what I have gained from other people who are crazy enough to keep going through this torture, again and again, the above statement seems quite true.

The reason I'm pointing this out is because since Saturday I have been through the torture that is painting our hallway. It was my second weekend of lent, and I needed to do something that didn't evolve going out, and enjoying myself. I thought if I was going to be bored I might as well be bored, and useful at the same time. My present home is the forth I have purchased, and lived in, as I have worked my way up the property ladder. My first home I bought when I was in my early twenties. It was a one bed end terrace. I spent the first month months gutting it out so it was just a bare shell, and then spent every spare moment of my time, and money on doing the place up. I remember at the time that if I lost my job I would be totally stuffed, because I wouldn't have had the money to finish the work; while at the same time I would be left with an unlivable home that in its semi-derelict state was only worth half what I paid for it if I was forced to sell it. Everything worked out in the end.

Now I'm on my forth home, and three and half years after we moved in I have finally got around to painting the hallway. It's the first part of the house that everyone sees when they visit, but I just haven't had the same enthusiasm I had with my first home with putting my own stamp on the property.

It's also been the bitch of all painting jobs because unlike most rooms that are square, and thus can be easily covered by a roller; our hallway has so many twists, and turns, a lot of it can only be hand brushed. Then there is the glossing. I don't like glossing. This seems to be an infliction only the British household seems necessary for their homes, and boy o boy there is a lot of wood that needs glossing in our hallway.

So even by the time you have finished reading this posting I still won't have finished the decorating.

All I want now is to be able to go to bed without the smell of paint up my nostrils, and to be able to get back to writing the next exciting chapter of Daniel Jones DOOM the sequel to FRENZY.



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