Friday 28 March 2014

A 1000 words lost

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Boy o boy was I pissed off the other day. I spent Tuesday afternoon writing a chapter to Daniel Jones Doom the sequel to Frenzy a Daniel Jones story. I had spent the morning writing my Tuesday posting for always-hanging-around and then checking , before checking again for spelling, and grammar.

I posted it onto the Internet, and then spent two hours spreading the news. After this I had a four hour inspiration of writing on my new manuscript,  but for some reason that only Microsoft Word knows for itself it failed to save all the work I had done. So I lost a 1000 words of writing, and I have spent the last three days trying to recreate what I had lost. 

Added to this I have been inundated by people asking when they can buy the sequel to Frenzy by Mark King. I love writing my blog, and enjoying my life with all my followers around the world from the U.K, and America, through to Canada, and then South America. From here we can go to Germany, across Europe into Asia and Africa; before ending up in Asia and the far east. From China to Japan I have a loyal almost cult cult following of people who read my weekly postings.

I love you all and I an honoured when you email me, but like I say there is always a but! I can't afford to loose a 1000 words on Daniel Jones Doom because I have been distracted by writing this blog. So from next week I will be posting once a week every Friday.

I hope you understand and still enjoy me weekly posting at

Many regards

Mark King

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