Friday 14 March 2014

George Orwell

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George Orwell is one of my all time great authors. It's such a shame he died so young. He wrote what I consider to be two of the best books ever in Animal Farm, and Big Brother, and if he had had another twenty years on this glorious planet then there is no doubt he would have written some other great classics.

He was one of the first author's I read at school, and one the few that I carried on reading throughout adult-hood. In fact I have now enjoyed some of his books three times over the years, and I would like to think that I will reread them again before I go meet my maker, and hopefully the spirit of the great man himself. 

With this in mind any connection to George Orwell is an honour. Every year the Orwell Prize is awarded in his name; one for books and one for journalism. For 2014 my book FRENZY a Daniel Jones story has been listed for the Orwell Prize

Frenzy does have an underlying message. It's a critique on the people at the very top of world finance system who over the last twenty five years through the use of hyped up bonus payments; have had a feeding frenzy with humanities labour and expense.

Just like Animal Farm that showed how dictatorships come to power, and with 1984 which tells how dictators stay in power; Frenzy a Daniel Jones story shows how we have all been fed a lie by our masters.

That lie is that debt is good, and that we can all live beyond our means. But we can't because the financiers have taken all the money, and a lot of people are going to find out that there is no happy retirement of cruise-ships, luxuries and brand new material things. Like the achievement centre in Frenzy a Daniel Jones story there is no happy-ever-after.




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