Tuesday 4 March 2014

The 50th before lent

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Once again another country in on the brink of falling apart after it showed so much potential in joining the modern democratic world. It's not just the Arabic nations that failed to successfully transfer themselves after the population cried out for freedom, but Ukraine as well. By the weekend politicians around Europe were talking about it being the most dangerous situation to face the West in the 21st century.

I was invited on Saturday to a friends 50th birthday party being held in city centre bar he had hired in the heart of clubland in Norwich. There was a live band booked and a good crowd of people on the invite list. This weekend was also the last before lent. I don't normally take much notice of this Christian period in the calendar, but over the last twelve months I have been reducing my intake of alcohol cutting down to just one day a week of blissful celebration. With this in mind when lent was mentioned over the kitchen table during a family evening meal I decided in fit of provado, or should I say madness, to declare I would give up all alcohol for the six weeks of lent.

So Saturday was my last opportunity before the great challenge, and with the idiots at the top of food-chain trying their best to start world war three I decided to see out the night with a bang. And what a night it was! The music played long into the early hours, and the drink flowed, and I even made it onto the dance floor. I bounced about like I was 23 again at a rave. 

A friends wife who stayed sober gave us a lift home while the first birds were starting to tweet as my head crashed onto the pillow. When I awoke the world was still spinning, as well as my skull, and when I got out of bed my stomach did too.

So now the hard bit begins? Six weeks of self control. It will be hard no doubt, but what I do hope during this period is that the idiots at the top can show as much self control, and don't do anything stupid like start a pointless war.



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