Wednesday 29 August 2012

The Library

May 2011 had given way to July and July had given way to August. I was now in a settled routine of writing. From Monday to Wednesday I would be perched on the sofa with hot-water bottle, ice pack and pain killers and would write non-stop on new chapters. On Thursday I would complete my voluntary work and when this had finished at 14.00; I would hobble to the central library and sit there all afternoon making the changes to my previous weeks work.

Some people think the library service is doomed because of new forms of information gathering but you couldn’t be further from the truth. The library I use is always packed as it offers other services like internet access, restaurant, museum, children's library, tourist information and much more. In fact it was so packed on some days I had to hang around waiting for a chair and desk to become free.

It was never a bother waiting for ten minutes because just like being in a book store (as I explained in the secret to life, part one) there can’t be a more relaxing, and free, past time than browsing through a random selection of books.

On Friday morning I would do some more voluntary work then in the early afternoon pay a visit to the Chiropractor.

After being clicked to the left, and then to the right, and jigged about like a ragdoll on a roller coaster I would hobble my way to my local pub for some painkilling pints of beer and have a meeting with Dangerous John. As we swapped chapters and I took on board what he thought of my writing; I looked forward to the weekend off.

For just like any job I tried to keep the weekends free.


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