Wednesday 15 August 2012

The secret to life (part one)

I love to read.
Once it just wasn’t books, but also newspapers where I could spend hours devouring the news from one end of the paper to the other. With the vast array of modern tools to access the internet the use of this paper based medium is in decline, as more people migrate to other means of gathering their daily news fix.

I must say I still prefer the routine, and in a way the excitement, of walking into a paper-shop and scanning the rows of news print to see what the outstanding headline of the day is, but these days it’s becoming less frequent as I take the easy route of just pressing a few buttons.

With books I still like to use the time honoured system of the bound copy. I have not let made the leap of faith to the Kindle or one of the other devices that will eventually send the average book shop in the same direction as the record stores; to the dustbin of history.

Looking through rows of books at a leisurely pace is one of the rare moments we can still enjoy in this fast moving world and still a pleasure I follow. It was during one such lazy hour that I picked up a book which was to have a profound effect on my life and which I will divulge in my next blog.  

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