Friday 9 November 2012

Short and Sweat

Tonight’s blog is short and sweat.

Sweat. As followers you will know that I needed professional advice for my manuscript. I had scanned the internet for a suitable company and came across

It wasn’t some company owned by a big publishing house or media company; it was just a small collective of writers and editors trying to make a few quid on the side.

I took the gamble and paid upfront on my card for an editor’s report.

I expected to be ripped off.

For the next four weeks I was just-hanging-around, but then through the letter box I received an A4 envelope which inside had a simple two page summary of my manuscript.

It was advice which was to change the whole course of my story and which lead me to becoming published.

The writers services offer many different services and if you are an unknown or unpublished author then they are well worth using.

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