Friday 30 November 2012

Trying to keep busy

So here I was once again as usual hanging around for others to reply. It was now the depths of winter in early 2012 and I found I was starting to get bored. I had my voluntary work which kept me busy for a few hours, two days a week. The fundraising campaign I had joined to help build a disabled toilet block had been more successful than we could have dared hope for, and the money had been raised to start the building work as soon as the weather permitted.

When I resigned from my job the previous year I had given myself the target of two years. Two years in which to finish the story and get it published. Two years was all my life savings would stretch to (although this was more in hope than substance) and after this I would be forced to return to the daily slog of the wage slave.

I did for a moment (a very fleeting moment) think of going back to work to earn some much needed money. I didn’t want to take this route, but my dear wife had started to nag. Having me under her feet all day was starting drive her crazy and the odd disagreement soon flared up into a major argument over nothing.

I had expected the opposite. I had visions of being able to take a more direct interest in the family and help even more with the daily routine of home living, but I was wrong. The thought of having the freedom to jump into bed and make love at a moment’s notice had been in my day dreams, but, and it was a big but, the opposite was true.

I once read that when the car maker Volkswagen was going through a slow patch and put its German factory workers on extended leave the divorce rate among its staff doubled during this period, and I could see why!

No, it was no good, if I wanted my marriage to make it to the spring I would have to do something to get me out of the house, even if it was just for a few hours a day.

I had the solution!

I had been battling against chronic back pain for nearly a year and had decided not to go under the knife. I had been paying to see a Chiropractor and had also battled against addiction to over the counter pain killers.

Now I knew what I needed to do.

I had started back up the gym after six months off, just for twenty minutes, two days a week and it had made a big difference to my pain levels. Now I was going to go every day Monday to Friday for at least an hour, and at the same time would give up the pain killers totally.

Would it work? Would my back improve? Would I finally get off the pain killers?

Only time would tell.  

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