Friday 16 November 2012

Spring is on its way

Always-hanging-around, I found myself as usual waiting for someone else as I waited for my first editor’s report. Helping to raise the money for the new toilet block was stressful, but the donations raised from my appeal letter were the first positive thing to happen to me in months.

The other thing which was slowly going in a positive direction was the gradual improvement with my spinal injury which I had now been suffering from for nearly a year. I had to cut down on my visits to the chiropractor to one visit every two weeks because I just couldn’t afford any more. I had also cut down very slowly on the over-counter pain killers I had nearly got hooked on, plus I was back at the gym, slowly increasing the speed and distance that my back could handle on the running machine.

Although I had only ever known setbacks with trying to become a published author I had one other thing to look forward to, and that was that lovely season of the year called spring time.

The winter months had passed quicker than I had expected and now spring was just around the corner.

I had now given up on finding an agent, and decided to enter some more competitions and looked at what the next stage on my journey should be. I knew that once I had my editor’s report back I would have to start on another rewrite of my manuscript, and that this would keep me busy for the next couple of months. Until then I just had to hang around.

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