Wednesday 28 November 2012

What next

I had now finished another re-draft. Surely this must be the final product? Surely now I had a good enough manuscript to entice some company to sign me up?

I had approached agents the first time around hoping to get one to sign me up as I thought this would be a quicker route to getting a publishing deal. I was wrong because my first proof (now looking back) was not good enough. Now I had lost count of the redrafts I had completed, but was confident that this time I had a better story to entice the publishing world.

This time I decided to bypass the agents and try my hand by going direct to publishers. It’s harder than you think. It’s easy to find the contact details of hundreds of companies around the world, but very few will accept any unsolicited manuscripts. In fact some are so blunt with the truth they basically say, “if you send us a story don’t bother because it will go straight into the bin.”

I spent the week looking on the internet. First I would find lists of publishers then individually check their web site for details. Time and time again they said, “We do not accept manuscripts.”  Slowly I found a small amount of companies in this country which would take them for consideration.

I bit the bullet and sent off my treasured piece of work to a select hand full, and then once again there I was, just-hanging-around, waiting for an answer,

What would happen?

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