Friday 7 December 2012

Back to normal

After my little teck problem it's now back to normal and so the story continues.

Back to normal is a good title for today because regular followers will know that during my journey I had suffered crippling back pain and had decided not go under the knife, but to take a different route to my recover.

At my own expense which I couldn't now afford since quitting from my job to follow my dream of becoming published, I had paid for the services of a Chiropractor. Now I planned to suppliment this by going up the gym every morning during the week to try and improve my lower back strenth.

I got to know verious people who had the same condition as me, and had gone to the doctors and ended up under the knife. It didn't cost them anything as it was paid for by the national health service.

I wondered if I should have taken this route and saved much needed money which could have been used for day to day living expenses now I wasn't in paid employment. This thought only increased as I pounded the running machine and lifted the weights in terrible pain. I didn't loose any weight,I was just trying to improve my muscle tone and fu*k did it hurt.

But slowly the time I spent at the gym increased and my body movement began to inprove. The biggest change was when I drasticly cut down on the over-the-counter pain killers which had nearly consumed me in addiction. I planned to be off them within the month and the more I cut them out the less pain I suffered. It was stramge in a way. The less pain killers I took, the less pain I felt. If I replased and shoved a hand full of them into me the pain seemed to increase.

It was two days of hell, but by the end of the month I was down to four a day and then I stopped completely,and so did the pain.

That week I bumped into two people who had gone under the knife for the same back problem as me and had been pain free for six months, but, and this is a very big but, they both now suffered crippling pain in the very same place as before and were back at their doctors who were advising another more serious operation to correct the same problem, and both need serious pain killers just to get out of bed in the morning.

It make you think!


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