Friday 21 December 2012

Copy right

One very important thing that all unpublished writers, infact for any unknown artist, must do and that is to protect your work. I have given out my manuscript in its different forms to various poeple to read, and comment on, to agents and publishers, plus online writers services.

In circulation is a brillant story that can be stolen by a total stranger, who by changing a few words, and by printing it first can claim to have wrote it. Well they could have done but for one thing, I copy righted my origanal first draft before I started to send it out to all and sundry.

The final draft is total different from the first and even the title has changed, but I have enough proof either by hard copy or by copy right to protect my story.

How do you copy right?

It's quite easy, as normal, use the internet. There will be a copy right service for what ever country you live in, and then there are a couple for which you can copy right it internationly. It will cost you but it is well worth paying for.

It doesn't matter what art-form your creative in, make sure you copy right it before you start sending it out. There are so many sharks in this world who will glady make lots of money from your labour while leaving you skint, and bitter.

If you are also pennyless, then you aren't going to have any spare money to pay for expensive legal expenses to fight your claim if somebody nicks your work, and you don't have any proof it's your's in the first place.

Not only must you copy right it, but also keep any rough proofs or rejected (changed) copies of your work, anything which can lay a claim to you being the origanal artist of that piece.

I damned if someone is going to steal two years of my hard work and so should you!

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