Friday 14 December 2012

Give it another go

Give it another go, that's what I had decided to do, I would send out my new draft of my manuscript to an agent one more time to see if I could interest them in taking me on as a client. This time I was going to do it differently. I would first find a male agent who was interested in my style of story. I would also bypass the process of the slush pile and send it direct to him.

After a weeks work on my laptop scanning the internet I had found one who I thought could be the man to see the potential of my work. I had also visited a gift shop and bought some nice wrapping paper, and a gift box in which to post off my neatly printed pages of my manuscript.

 I wrote a nice letter of introduction and had my wife package it all up as if she was wrapping a christmas present. I addressed it for his eyes only and then visited the post office were I paid the extra to have it posted special delivery. The parcel looked important and I knew it would be do its job of getting my manuscript past the first hurdle, the slush pile.

The agent in mind is a daily user of twitter, and when next day he twitted about receiving a special parcel which had caught his attention I knew I had hit the spot and was over my first hurdle.

Getting a book published has many hurdles to jump over, but at least I had made it over this one.

What to do next? All I could do was hang-around and wait for a reply.

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