Monday 24 December 2012

Joker's Monday (Christmas Eve)

As you will know I try to tell a joke or two on a Monday to bring a cheer to the new week, but today it shouldn't be needed.

Chrsitmas Eve can and should be a happy time for anyone with faith, no matter what religion (or belief) it is; because you see all reglions are correct, they are just telling the same story, but in a different language.

If you had five different people from five different countrys who could only speak their mother tongue, and couldn't understand or speak any other; then you stood all five in front of a tree and asked them what it was, you would get five different words for a tree. They all see the same tree, they all understand what it means and they all have a word to describe it.

The problems comes when these five people don't understand each other and they start to argue over who has the right word to describe the tree. They start fighting each other and in the process they end up destroying what was once a pure tree just to prove their point.

So lets just enjoy life and do our best to help others who struggle to see the beauty of the tree.

So to every out there from around the world who had been following my story, no matter what you do or don't believe in, I wish you all a merry Christmas. 

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