Wednesday 13 February 2013

A night out in Brighton

After my meeting in Brighton with the publishers I went to a cosy little corner pub for a drink, and reflected on my meeting.

The owner of Bookguild Publishing is a women of presence, not in a over-powering way, more like a mature auntie who has seen the world, and enjoyed every minute of it. I liked her and she seemed well suited for life in Brighton.

My mind was made up. I was going to take the risk of covering the upfront costs in exchange for a greater return in the future, and more importantly control over my work. I was approaching various charity trusts funds to see if they could help, but if they couldn't I would use the last of my life savings (and future retirement pot) to achieve my goal.

I asked the barman to order me a taxi and as soon as it arrived I jumped in and requested it take me to Hove. This is part of Brighton but people who live there still like to think its different.

My sisiter had moved there some years before to take up a job in a business a friend of hers had started. it was a big risk for her at the time but it seems to have payed off.

I arrived and she gave me a tour of the building. She works for a high class dentists (there is a poss name for what they do, but I always forget what it is) making the teeth of the rich and famous look nice, white and clean.

I then waited for her to finish work, once again in a corner pub just down the road and which was her local. After an hour she walked in with four of her work friends and every one settled down for a chat.

I noticed how perfect all the girls teeth looked, a perk of the job,  and  they all spoke in postive terms about how well kept my own teeth looked, and as some of them were in there twenties it was nice to get such attention!

The beer and wine flowed freely and so did the talking. I had spent the previous twelve months with so little money, and had looked after every penny to the point were my old life had become a distant memory, but for this one night only I decided not fret about about money, and just enjoy the night.

We ended up in the early hours getting a take-away Thia to enjoy around one of the girls who lived across the road and there I was in a flat, with four lovely young ladies, and my sister (She is lovely too, but not in the same way if you get my drift).

Of course I was on my best behaviour as my sister was there, but, and this is a very big but, it still made me feel like I was ten years younger, and that's what made the night so great.

Me and my sister ended walking back to hers and soon I was a sleep in the spare bedroom.

The next day we walked along Brighton beech as the wind blew a gale, which helped to sober the mind, and she took me to Bill's. This is a cafe, but not your normal working mans cafe, Its a little be more, how can I explain it, it's a bit more artisan.

I treated her to a full English breakfast and afterwards she escorted me the the train station. As I trundled away from Brighton on the train, reading a newspaper; life at that moment once again felt new and exciting. 

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