Friday 15 February 2013

The next week

The first thing I did on the Monday after my visit to Brighton was to write to all the charity trust funds I could find, asking for financial help with publishing my manuscript.

I had borrowed a massive book with thousands, upon thousands, of trust funds listed and what aid they would give to what type of needy cause.

A lot were connected to religion, most being Christian, followed by a lot of Jewish trusts, but not many Muslim. The remainder were mostly for education or the arts. The ones connected to the arts interested me and these are the ones that I noted.

I looked and I looked, but I could only find one or two (out of thousands) that were directed towards writing, and these were based around paying the costs towards somebodies education in this field.

I found a lot for helping poeple who wanted to follow a musical or other art form like painting, but not one which would help an unknown or unpublished author to make it on the first rung of the ladder.

I hope after FRENZY by Mark King is published on the 28th of March it is a success, and I hope to be able to follow up with more stories, but the one thing I hope for now is to make enough money from publishing so I can re-invest some of that money back into humanity by setting up a trust fund; solely to help other people who maybe have no hope of getting published (because of their backround), but who can tell a great story, and then help to get them published.

This is a long term plan. In the short term I was going to go ahead and pay the upfront costs with the last remaining money I had.

I was fed up with always-hanging-around. I wasn't going to hang-around for their replies, I was going to go for it now, and if in the near future one or two did come back with some postive news then this would be a bonus.

I didn't have to hang around for the contract from the publishers, it arrived on the Wednesday.

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