Monday 4 February 2013

Where is the money coming from?

If my visit to Brighton to meet with the publisher proved to me this was a company I could trust I had decided, if possible, to take the option of paying for the upfront costs.

I had already taken more riskes than most people with my adventure, or dream which everway you look at it, and I thought to myself; "If my manuscript is as good as I think it is, then I should take this financial risk." I hoped it would be my final risk, but a have a feeling that there are a lot more out there waiting for me.

If at this stage I couldn't take the chance because I didn't have enough confidence then I shouldn't have started it all in the first place. My mind was made up, I was going to go for it.

The only problem was without a full time job I had been living on the bread-line for months. Me and my family were offically living below the poverty line!

I did have one option. I had a small amout of savings locked away in a long term tax free account paying 6.25% a year. This was money I saved before I had even met my wife and started a family. It was my rainy day money for emergencies, or better still to go towards my retirement. It wasn't a much, but it had taken a lot of hard work over the years to earn it, and save it too. Plus with such a great rate of interest in todays times it would be impossible to find such a good return again, also as it was locked up I would have to pay heavy exit fees to release it.

The other problem was that once this money was spent all my spare cash was gone, and I was already living off my overdraft.

There was another way I could try! As I expalined in my earlier blogs I had joined a fund raising team at a local charity to help raise money for some disabled toilets. Part of this fund raising involved applying to various grant giving trust funds for money. If it worked once before then maybe there are trusts out there I could approach, and ask for some funding?

I knew what my next task was. I needed to head down to the libarary where inside I would be able to lay my hands on a very thick book with all the listed trusts funds in this country. The book also listed their details on who they would give a grant to, and how to go about making a request.

One of the tips I have given on this blog before is to always be thinking about your next step. Whatever stage you are at you should already be planning the next move.

Of course if this failed then I did always have the option of going back to work!

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