Friday 8 February 2013

Short but Sweet (once again)

Todays blog has to be short but sweat.

There is a good reason, and this is because I have been down the pub.

The reason I have been having a pint or two, or may be three or more is because I have been celebrating.

Again the reason for this is that I now have, in my hands, a hard copy of my first published book. It is due for release on the 28/3/2013.

FRENZY by Mark King can now be pre-orderd on,, and through all good book shops in the U.K. Plus by the end of the month on Bookguilds publishing website (

The true title is FRENZY (A Daniel Jones story) by Mark King. The bit in brackets is to seperate it from other books with Frenzy in the title.

For all of you out there from America, Germany, Russia, China, Canada and all the other countries (to many to mention) I can't say at the moment how you can get your copy of the book, but hopefully at some stage in the near future it will be released where ever you may live (unless of course you know someboby who lives in the U.K who can get there hands on it for you.)

The story hasn't ended, it's only just begun, so I hope you keep enjoying my latest blogs as I carry on my adventure.

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