Monday 25 February 2013

As needs Must

Although my book, Frenzy by Mark King, is out on the 28th of March 2013 I still feels as if I have ages to wait until I see it in the book shops (Although you can pre-order it on, and Amazon).

Until then I have had to take up various part time jobs (as needs must) to bring in some money to pay the bills. I still find it hard to say what my job is when strangers ask me, 'so what job do you do?' Until Frenzy starts to sell I find it hard to call myself; an author.

One of the jobs I have been doing is as a match day steward at my local football club. You don't earn much but I get to see the game for free, and the money goes towards a few drinks with my friends afterwards.

It was perfect last Saturday as my team won, and a lot of friends I hadn't seen duly arrived through out the night.

I went straight to the Steam Packet after the game. A very well run traditional British pub with a very friendly landlord called Kim.

He always has a welcome for you and makes you feel at home, but most of all he has a smile on his face, and this is what makes him so special. For Kim's life has not always been easy. He made a new life for himself after leaving his home country of Morocco and along the way he has had to face some difficult times, more than most people, and to tell you the truth more than enought to have finished off most men, including me.

But he gets on with his life and you can tell that he enjoys making other people happy.

So if you are ever visiting the lovely city of Norwich, pay a visit to the Steam Packet and have a drink with Kim.

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