Monday 18 February 2013

Joker's Monday (where's the horse)

For the last couple of weeks I have given Joker's Monday a miss, but it seems that after the horse meat scandal that has engulfed most of western europe recently; the joke was on us.

I have received lots of jokes about horses ending up in burgers and pies when it should have been beef, and although they are funny, the situation is not.

The whole thing is another scandal, on top of another scandal, on top of another. A constant stream of insults agaisnt the ordinary person. It's doesn't matter where you live in the world, we all seem to be taken for a ride by somebody.

It may just show that when life is lived for what you can take from it and not what you can give, and maximum gain is the only means of showing success, then maybe something is going wrong along the line.

Don't get me wrong; we all need money to survive and I was as eager as the next person to get my hands on as much of it as anyone else, but! There is always a but. I have now had to live for the last two years on very little money, let during this time I have never felt richer in my life.

I'm not going to get on my moral high horse; it's just i'm not afraid of it anymore, not afraid of not having more than the next man.

Once you have this knowledge then you become free.

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