Tuesday 20 August 2013

Feedom lost

FRENZY a Daniel Jones Story by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

After a few days of Pizza and booze freedom I awoke with a groggy head and indigestion. The wife was next to me asleep and my youngest was already stirring. It was 05.30 in the morning. It had been lovely having these two days to myself although my body was telling me this was all I could handle now.

In fact I let the party go into a third day as it was Saturday and I went to the football match as the mighty canaries played out a draw with Everton, and then my friends and I went for a beer or three afterwards. I thought I would take Sunday easy, but I still had some cider left over and enjoyed this while I cooked a traditional English roast lunch.

So by 05.30 on Monday morning when my life had to get back to normal I was glad in a way. I remember in my youth as my friends and I went on holidays abroad where we would be out partying and boozing until sun-rise seven days on a trot.

I think I would struggle now although I know I could still give the youngsters a good run for their money. By today I was back in as near a normal routine as I can when the children are on their school summer holidays. The weather once again had been lovely with non-stop sun shine, and as I write this my flesh is starting to burn as beads of perspiration are spreading across my forehead.

The neighbours children are around and they have all been playing in the paddling pool. At this very moment my daughter is keeping everyone entertained with her flute playing, and you could not get any nearer to heaven if you tried.

I have also had a writing frenzy today on my new book, Doom a Daniel Jones story. The words have flowed alongside the cups of tea, and I finished off one chapter in just the day.

So if somebody asked which do I prefer, married life, or life as a singleton? You know what I would say.

I love both. Both have their positive moments and their draw backs, and I don't think one can ever out weigh the other. I just give thanks that my life isn't stuck in the same old rut or routine.



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