Tuesday 13 August 2013

The cost of love

FRENZY a Daniel Jones Story by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

The other month I wrote a blog titled 'The cost of Anger' which explained the situation I found myself in when during a sudden bout of rage I broke the lap-top, and the costs involved  in getting it repaired.

It also works with Love as well.

The cost of loving someone like your children is priceless. If you are a good parent then you will give what ever it takes. Of course there are some parents who only think about themselves and place the children last when it comes to feeding their own desire for drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex or what ever it may be. Then are some parents who are just plain evil, who abuse their own kin either psychically, mentally, sexually or through torture. I don't know what must be going through the minds of such people. I thought of this the other day when a mother and father were sent to court for killing their young child very slowly, and painfully, through terrible acts of torture.

It's not just children but also animals that can suffer, and many a house hold pet is abused. Again there was an article in the news about a horse that had to be put down after teenagers were seen hitting and abusing the beast with planks of wood! They must be fu@king sick in the head.

Well the cost of love for me this week was £106 because that is what I had to pay at the vets as I took our family cat for her annual check up and jabs. Our cat has been a member of the family since she was a kitten and was a birthday gift from myself to my wife. She joined the family the year we got married and is now eleven years old.

£106 for her check up, jabs, worming tablet, some spray and a new stroking glove that I use every morning to give her a gentle rub down that takes away any loose cat hair. She just loves it. She purrs and she rubs herself against me, and she carries on purring until she has had enough, and then she heads for her bowl which informs me she is wants to be fed.

So £106 was my cost for her love and she is worth very penny even when money is tight as it is at the moment; that is hopefully until I get my first royalty check for frenzy. My monthly beer money went into the vet's till quicker than I could imagine a nice pint of Fat Cat and Honey ale, but at the end of the day love doesn't come without some sacrifices.



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