Wednesday 7 August 2013

From three to two
FRENZY a Daniel Jones Story by Mark King

To all of you out there in the big wide world from the U.K, U.S.A, Canada, Germany, Russia, China, India, South America, Asia, and from the Middle East to Africa it has been a pleasure writing for you.

You have followed my life and thoughts over the last two years. Three times a week I have posted updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as I followed my dream to become a published author. I resigned from a secure job in the middle of the worst recession the world had suffered in living memory to take a massive gamble.

FRENZY a Daniel Jones Story was the end product of this gamble, and has been on sale in hard-back and on Kindle since march 21st 2013. It has been available world wide through Amazon in every country it trades in, and through other web based sites where it doesn't, from South Africa to Australia.

I want to write for the rest of my life and Frenzy was just the start. I had already planned the sequel to frenzy titled DOOM a Daniel Jones story. Now nearly six months after frenzy's release I think the time is right to concentrate on DOOM. There has been two types of responses from people who have read my book, the first is a positive responses on how much they enjoyed reading it, and the other has been the question. Will there be a follow up book and when will it be out?

With this in mind I have started on the manuscript to Doom, but, and as I always say there is a but, since the release of Frenzy it's hard to find the time to dedicate to Doom. Three days a week are taken up with writing my blog and another two on voluntary work, then there are my paid jobs I do. From consultation work to football steward to church verger because I still have bills to pay. On top of this I try to take an equal and active part in family from cooking, and cleaning, to playing with, and looking after two young children. And of course there's my wife who I have to keep happy, and satisfied! Then finally there have been the many hours trying to get Frenzy noticed by the general public and all the work entailed with this.

All in all I am at times so busy things have to give, and so far its been my new manuscript for DOOM. With this in mind I have no choice but to cut down my blog to two days a week. Nothing will change other than that I will now post every Tuesday and Friday.

I hope for all of my regular followers you will understand why I need to do this and will continue to enjoy what I write in my blog into the future. My next post will be Friday as normal and then from next week every Tuesday and Friday.

Many regards


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