Friday 20 September 2013

Personal moments
FRENZY a Daniel Jones story by Mark King

It was a sad day on Wednesday.

I went to a cremation of my friend's mother and afterwards the wake was held at his house. My wife offered to look after their young son for the day, and they gladly excepted.

I go through a lot of funeral services now I'm a verger at the parish church, and I have to attend to two next week. The wedding season is now coming to an end and as they drop off the amount of funerals seem to increase.

Weddings, funerals, christenings are all personal moments that we hopefully will never forget. I say that, but I had a troubling experience when I entered the crematorium because I had visited it before, but I couldn't remember for whose funeral it was for.

It has been bugging me since and as I wright this blog it's still slipped my mind. I have racked my memory, but I still can't place a face or name.

We all have personal moments and I am having another one because for the last nine months my wife has been trying to get some simple justice. We bought a product that was defective and she has been trying to get compensation, but for nine months this company has been giving her the run around.

I think because she is female they think they can bluff her off, and like I said after nine months of wasted excuses I have now got involved.

Hopefully we can get this dispute sorted out, but if we can't then I will need your support.

Where ever you are from America, Central America, South America, from the whole of Europe through to the Middle East/Africa and then onto the far east in India, China, Japan, and finally in Australia plus New Zealand I know we can work together to get justice.

Mark King.

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