Tuesday 3 September 2013

I'm back

FRENZY a Daniel Jones story by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

I'm Back!

Yes, after a week relaxing I am back in the land of the blogasphere.

Five days camping in North Norfolk at East Runton www.manorfarmcampsite.co.uk and then a long weekend at home, and now it's all over.

We arrived at Manor Farm on Bank holiday Monday just after 1pm to glorious sunshine, and a welcome smile from some friends of the wife who had been staying at the same site all weekend. For two hours I tolled in the heat as I put the tent up, and the children enjoyed the freedom of running about the field. Other campers kept turning up to replace the ones leaving, and soon the site was a buzz of activity.

It was hot and my shirt was wet with my labour, but by about 4pm the tent was finished, the car unpacked and everyone except myself has headed down to the beach for a paddle.

I settled down with some cold beers outside the tent and to read with my shirt off as the sun slowly made its decent to the horizon.

When the family returned I set the barbecue alight and we feasted on burgers, sausages, and rolls with cheese, and various sauces. By the time the glow of the sun was all that remained the children were running about with new friends they had made. The wife and I supped on wine and when it became to dark for the children with the air turning chilly we got them into their Jim-jams, and then finally into their sleeping bags.

The little ones took some time to get to sleep as they kept messing about, but in the end all there was left to keep us company were the stars that silently twinkled in the heavens above. Add in the occasional shooting star and the picture was set for a relaxing experience of living a life that our very distant ancestor's would have once lived.

It was lovely to say the least. No television, no internet, no distractions other than the wonderful sounds of nature and it's inspirational beauty.

I don't know what time we went to sleep ourselves but when we did I was exhausted, but content.

Would it last? Well you will find out on Friday.



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