Friday 27 September 2013

Double standards
FRENZY a Daniel Jones story by Mark King

Thank you for all your support with my dispute with Dulux paints, and it seems that I'm not the only one who has had a poor level of customer service from this once well respected brand.

I do wonder why a lot of companies don't learn that to keep a customer's loyalty involves more than just getting money out of you. Or why they don't learn from history because in the long run the most successful companies, and the ones that ultimately survive, are the ones that learn how to not only give customers what they want, but also how to treat their customers when they do get it wrong.

We all get things wrong and humanity has a great ability to forgive, but not to forget.

Dulux are not the only brand to be claim to offer a premier product and service when they cant live up to that claim. Another brand which at present has a terrible case of double standards is Barclay's Bank. They seem to have been involved in one way or another with most financial scandals that have come out into the open.

Barclay's chief executive was forced out and replaced recently by another who then claimed in the national media that the bad old ways of exploitation purely for profit would end, and they would focus on the needs of their customers.

What a load of old Cod's-wallop as we say in my part of the world.

I have two accounts with Barclay's Bank with one of them having a six monthly charge to use it. They take money automatically from account one to pay this charge on account two, and the money is transferred by their computer in a fraction of a second between the two.

Now this is the double standard that Barclay's bank employ.

The other day I transferred some money from account two back to account one and did it take a fraction of a second to complete? No it will take seven days!

Yes, seven days. The money disappeared instantly from account two and then I received notice it would take seven days to appear in my other account.

What is Barclay's bank computer doing for the next seven days, going on holiday? Has their computer booked seven days leave so is now laying by the pool soaking up the sun, drinking cocktails?

No. I tell you want it is doing! It is holding onto my money and earning interest which is not paid to me, but which is used to inflate the bank's profit. It should be classed as theft because the bank is taking interest that should rightfully belong to me. If you consider that millions of their customers will be transferring money electronically, and which should go through the system in seconds, but is being held back, then the money they make using this scam must run into millions of pounds.

This brings me back to Dulux paints or what I should say is Akzo-Nobel who manufacture the paint. We have been dealing with them for over nine months in trying to get fair compensation and what a farce it has been.

Matt Pullen a U.K based director of the company for Northern Europe appeared in the national media twelve months ago to admit that Dulux paints has changed their product causing it to become faulty. He claimed that all complaints would be sorted out quickly and fair compensation made.

I ask then is nine months considered acting quickly, and is £100 fair compensation for the cost of re-painting 26 internal doors both sides plus nearly two years of stress?

What do you think?


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