Friday 6 September 2013

The final days
FRENZY a Daniel Jones story by Mark King

By the third day I awoke in the morning knowing I had at least slept through the night. There were a couple of times when I was woken up by a noise from outside the tent, but I soon went back to sleep knowing it was probably just the mole having a look around.

Emma wondered over from here tent for breakfast. Once again we feasted on fried bacon and egg rolls with tomato sauce plus plenty of steaming hot tea. Now I have travelled to many different places around the world and no matter what hotel you stay in you are normally offered two types of breakfast, the continental or the English breakfast, and I know one thing for certain the fried English beats the continental time and time again.

There are various things my country has given the world like the English language, most world sports, parliamentary democracy etc, but one thing we never get any credit for is our food. Well a good old fried English breakfast should be added to the list of world greats, and you know why? Because it doesn't matter your social background, most people enjoy an English breakfast.

By midday Emma had packed her tent and was making her way home and we walked to the beach at East Runton. There was light cloud in the sky with a breeze to match which made it perfect weather for just laying on the beach, reading and sleeping.

This is just what I did. I relaxed so much as I stretched out on my towel to the point where I could feel myself drifting off to sleep, and at that moment life felt like heaven. I now know the meaning of the saying less is more. When I resigned from a secure career to write Frenzy I knew I had to sacrifice a hole way of life, less of the Caribbean and more of Cromer, but at that very moment less was defiantly more.

In the evenings the wife and I settled into a routine of siting outside watching the sun set as the children ran about the field with their very large group of new friends. With drink in hand we would chat to the neighbours, and with no street lights to blacken out the night sky the stars were our television set.

Thursday was our last evening and we talked openly about staying another night, but we had to return to the modern world. You always know when you have had a holiday that was more enjoyable than you originally thought it would be, and that is when you want stay for longer. A bit like a good book?



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