Tuesday 24 September 2013

Terrible service

FRENZY a Daniel Jones story by Mark King.

To all my readers around the world I must apologise for the late posting of my Tuesday blog, but I had to let my anger settle before I could write.

My blood has been boiling to the point I thought steam would come shooting from my ears like a cartoon character.

Please let me explain.

A couple of years ago the wife and I decided to paint our internal doors in our home. So we went out and purchased what we considered to be a premier brand of gloss paint. We bought Dulux. We took a week off from work and as I'm self-employed I lost a weeks earnings.

I'm not a great lover of painting especially glossing as the smell gives me a head-ache plus a sore throat as well, but as you can expect an internal door to last twenty years before re-painting is required I thought it was worth the effect.

Anyway, within a couple of months my wife noticed the bright white doors were turning yellow. They have got to the point the paint looks as if our home is a Victorian Chinese opium den.

We didn't know what to do until senior directors at Dulux U.K admitted in the national media that their product was faulty because they had changed it, and that it caused their white gloss to fade prematurely.

As we still had the remains of the original tin of Dulux gloss as proof and the hard evidence of the yellowing doors we thought it wouldn't be too difficult to get due compensation.

How wrong could we be?

My wife has been communicating for over nine months with Dulux customer services. She has spoken to them on the phone, she has emailed them, she has sent off photo evidence, she did every thing asked. Dulux either didn't respond or took months to reply. Then they kept loosing all the evidence, so after nine months of  terrible, stressful customer service from Dulux they finally offered some replacement paint and £100.

The problem is that the cost to employ a decorator to repaint 26 internal doors is between £700-£1000 (Labour only) and that doesn't include our own original labour, or even for the nine months of stress plus the time spent, and wasted.

Well I'm not going to give up without a fight so keep reading as I inform the world how I get on with seeking fair justice from a company that once prided itself on its customer satisfaction.


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