Tuesday 17 September 2013

Tea and cake around the radio.

FRENZY a Daniel Jones story by Mark King

It was early afternoon on a Wednesday and I was sitting next to my mother-in-law in her car as we pulled into the underground car park at the Forum in Norwich. This is a building that I love and which is a great credit to not just Norwich, but to the whole of Norfolk http://www.theforumnorwich.co.uk/. I wrote parts of my latest book FRENZY a Daniel Jones story within its red brick and glass walls.

I was heading to the BBC studios to appear on the Stephen Bumfrey Show on radio Norfolk.  Sue was not only giving me a lift, but also hoping to have a look around the studies as she is an avid listener to the radio station. When we arrived at the BBC reception we were asked to sit in the guests waiting area in view of the general public with strangers walking by, glancing, wondering if I was somebody famous.

Then the moment came when we were taken up to the offices. I was nervous but my mother-in-law looked excited when she was more than welcomed into the heart of the station.  We were introduced to Thordis who soon had us at ease while behind the glass in his booth was Stephen himself. Within ten minutes I was sitting opposite him with Thordis by my side and we talked about FRENZY and other things in general. The two hosts make a great team and work so smoothly together.

I was on the show for over twenty minutes and enjoyed every moment of it.  When we got home I made a pot of tea, and when the wife arrived soon after from the school run with the children we all sat around the kitchen table feasting on cake as we listened again to my appearance the wife had taped earlier using an old fashioned tape recorder.

It was a simple pleasure but one all the family enjoyed, and a couple of days later I dropped off a box of assorted cream cakes at the BBC reception for Stephen and the crew to say thank you. 



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