Friday 11 October 2013

All paid up
FRENZY a Daniel Jones story by Mark King

Well I pleased to announce that there are still people and times were a hand-shake means trust and honesty.

For regular readers you will know that last Saturday my car was hit from behind and damage caused to the bumper. An agreement was made over a hand-shake and on Wednesday Evening the guilty party arrived at my home with payment in hand to cover the repairs. I gave him a signed letter in exchange as a receipt which stated this was the end of the matter.

No Insurance companies, no lawyers, no middle men, no garages, just a mobile repair man who will spend an afternoon on my drive way while I keep him supplied with mugs of tea as he works his magic on the family car.

If only most things in this modern world could be so easy, uncomplicated, and carried out in a manner of good will!

Just think what a different world we could all be living in now?

People happily keeping themselves to themselves not forcing their views on anyone who doesn't want to listen, and if their lives bump into each other for what ever reason then both parties would treat each other in an honest, and respectful manner, sealed with a bond over a hand-shake.

Unfortunately there are too many people in this world who will use any opportunity to feed off some ones misfortune for their own greed, or push their personal view point, be it in politics, religion, business or personal life, and a hand shake is no guarantee of honesty.

It's easy for all of us to ask why can't everyone live a positive life without lies or deceit, but a lot harder to admit that you lie to yourself all the time. As an example as it's now the weekend I know for a fact that I will wake up either on Saturday or Sunday morning with a stinking hanger over, and will then say to myself, 'that's the last I am going to drink so much alcohol!'

I know for a fact that will be a lie.



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