Friday 4 October 2013

I smell gas
FRENZY a Daniel Jones story by Mark King.

The other day I awoke in the morning and walked down the stairs still half asleep. When I stepped off the bottom step I thought  I could smell gas. I walked into the kitchen sniffing the air.

Now in our part of the world you can get the odd funny smell wafting in from the fields that edge around where I live, but when my little boy said he could smelly eggs I decided to call out the gas board.

There is a national free phone number to use for emergency call outs if you can smell gas, but as there is always a double standard with most businesses these days you have to pay for the call if you use the mobile phone!

I followed the instructions given by the chap on the phone and turned off the gas from the box outside, then opened all the windows and told the family not to turn on any electrical switch's.

Anyway within the hour a friendly man arrived from the company who look after the national gas system with his little machine which could sniff out any gas. He walked from room to room and then checked the outside box.

Walking back into the kitchen the man said we had low gas pressure then walked over to the cooker and said, 'here is your problem.' He pointed at the cooker hob and turned off one of the nob's.

The wife and I looked at each other, blushing, and she immediately blamed me.

The previous day I had cooked a lovely traditional Sunday dinner with roast chicken, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, cabbage, stuffing and various other vegetables, plus lashing of gravy. As the gas man then pointed out that if I had left one of the rings on it would still be burning so the most likely course of the problem was coursed when the cooker was cleaned.

So it was the wife's fault, but I still took the blame anyway because sometimes all we want is an easy life.

I could have taken this view with Dulux Paints, but with them I have decided not to take the blame for their mistake and to fight all the way with this big international company.


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