Tuesday 8 October 2013

The Car Crash

FRENZY a Daniel Jones story by Mark King

On Saturday afternoon I was driving with all the family in the car. We were travelling to see my parents and as I approached a roundabout I put the brakes on and came to a stop. The only problem was the car behind failed to do either and went up my back-side. Well not my back-side but the car's rear end.

I heard the screech of the tyres, and then a shudder, as car hit car, and then a loud crunch. So there we were on the edge of the round-about blocking half the road, but it didn't seem to stop, or slow down, other drivers who carried on with their journey.

My daughter went into a frenzy and started to cry, but my son was fast asleep and no car accident was going to wake him up.

The other driver got out of his car at the same time as me with his hands in the air saying, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's all my fault.'

We inspected the rear bumper and it was manly damage to the paint work, and number plate. There was no damage to his car. It was agreed that we wouldn't involve the insurance companies and he would pay for the repair to the paint work. We swapped details and then went our merry way.

When we arrived at my parents my son woke up non the wiser and after a few stiff drinks, and a Chinese meal we had delivered, I had forgotten all about the incident until as the wife was driving back home we passed the same spot.

On Monday morning I got a quote for the repair and in the afternoon the man phoned me up to find out the cost. He seemed happy and has even offered to drive over to me, and pay in full.

So far so good, it took just a couple of days to sort it out sealed with a hand shake. I only wish the customer services department at Dulux paints could have been so easy two years after we bought their faulty product.

He has arranged to drop the payment off at my house on Wednesday evening and soon after the repair worked will be complete. So by Friday's posting the whole affair should be over. I hope!



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