Tuesday 15 October 2013

Winter has arrived

FRENZY a Daniel Jones story by Mark King

Winter has now arrived in the U.K. After one of the best summers we have experienced in the last few years; well when I say best summers I mean by the standards we are used to this country. On occasions it was almost like being in the Mediterranean with endless days of glorious blue sky's and hot weather.

We British are famous for always talking about the weather, but compared to most parts of the world we have it quite easy here. Places like the Gulf of Mexico especially around the south east cost of America get  hit with hurricanes  and then there are the typhoons that devastate the coastal areas of Asia from China to India. These places experience floods on a biblical scale.

You can then go to the other extreme to the parts of the world where they have little or no rain and people have to scratch around the dirt just to survive. Even great modernised countries like America, Russia, Australia, and China can suffer from droughts that ruin the lives of the farmers who rely on the coming of the rains to feed their crops.

In the U.K we consider it a drought if we aren't allowed to use the water-sprinkler on our lawns. Then people accuse the water companies of taking too much profit, and not investing enough in the water system while at the same time blaming the government for letting these companies getaway with it.

In the U.K it's the same when the rolls are reversed with too much water and there is flooding with the same people complaining about not enough money being spent on flood defences. Now the flooding we normally have here is about ankle deep and hangs around for twenty four hours before it drains away, nothing like the flooding you had in New Orleans the other year or which certain countries in Asia have to suffer year after year when they can be under water for weeks.

So winter has arrived in the U.K, we have had four days of showers and on Sunday it rained all day. So what did we do? Well the wife took the children bowling with some friends while I stayed at home cooking a lovely English Sunday roast with pork (and crackling), stuffing, roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese, Yorkshire pudding, roast parsnips and carrots, plus cabbage and smashed swede, and to top it all off lashings of gravy as normal.

I cooked enough so there would be plenty of food left over to make bubble and squeak for the family' s Monday evening meal, and while I prepared the food with the radio on, and a steady supply of strong English cider in hand, I took the occasional glance through the rain lashed windows and thanked God that all we have to moan about in my part of the world is the changeable weather.



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